Deon Lee » Washington State University Cougar News (aka Room K2 at Pleasant View Elementary School)

Washington State University Cougar News (aka Room K2 at Pleasant View Elementary School)

Welcome to Room K2!
My name is Miss Deon Lee and I teach Kindergarten. I have been a teacher in Baldwin Park for 30 years and all of them have been at Pleasant View! I have taught everything from 4th grade to TK with most of my experience being with the youngest learners. I enjoy teaching the littlest scholars because I see so much growth that first year of school and it is exciting to see how each child grows and changes throughout the year! I am excited to help your child in this first, very important, year of his or her school career!
NO Excuses At Pleasant View!
At Pleasant View, we promote a culture of college attendance after high school, if a student so chooses. Our staff is committed to providing students with the skills necessary to attend a college, university, or trade school beyond high school graduation. Each teacher has selected a college or university, which will be highlighted in the classroom. Our classroom is learning about Washington State University, my alma mater. Their colors are crimson and gray and their mascot is the Cougar. Every day the students in K2 recite the college chant, which can be found below. They also sing the Washington State University Fight Song. The words to this song are: 
Fight, fight, fight for Washington State
Win the victory.
We're going to win the day for crimson and gray.
Best in the west,
We know you'll all do your best.
So, on, on, on, on, fight to the end.
Honor and glory we must win.
So, fight, fight, fight for Washington State and victory!
W---A---S-H-I---N---G---T-O-N---S---T---A-T-E---C---O---U-G-S, GO COUGS!
(The number of dashes in between letters represents claps between letters)
Technology is a valuable tool for mastery of the state standards. One application that your Kindergartener will be using this year is called i-Ready. This program allows students to take a diagnostic assessment periodically throughout the school year to find out each scholar's knowledge of the standards. After taking the diagnostic assessment, the students will work on skills selected just for him/her by the program. Data will be collected on the strengths and needs of each child and this information will be used to group students for intervention according to each child's needs. Students will be expected to use this program in school as well as at home.
Google Classroom
Because Covid-19 is still a threat to the health of the students in Baldwin Park Unified School District, the district has asked teachers to set up a Google Classroom. In this virtual classroom, I will be maintaining weekly assignments, just in case your student must quarantine. If this happens, your student can access the classroom through their Classlink account. The assignments in the classroom will be review activities. However, to be effective, it will be important that you assist your student in reading and following the directions for each activity. Since your student is very young, he or she will need that assistance so that the assignments are completed correctly. Also, it would be helpful to review the work your student has done before turning the work in.
Students will also need your assistance to access this valuable tool since he or she is just learning how to use the computer. Once he or she is familiar with its use, your student should be able to access Classlink and other valuable learning tools by him/herself.
Class Rules and Expectations
The students in room K2 practice the rules and expectations that follow the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) that are in place at Pleasant View. These stress the importance of showing R.E.A.L. Roadrunner behavior. R.E.A.L. Roadrunners show positive behaviors in the areas of respect, etiquette, accountability, and leadership. Every morning we say our R.E.A.L. Roadrunner pledge written by myself. It is as follows.
I am a R.E.A.L. Roadrunner!
I show respect by treating others the way I want to be treated.
I show etiquette by being courteous and kind to everyone.
I show accountability by being ready to learn and responsible for myself.
I show leadership by always being the best I can be.
I am a R.E.A.L. Roadrunner!
How to behave in all areas of the school site and all instances of school events are communicated positively and are practiced over and over again so that students are very clear about what is expected of them. Our classroom matrix is found below so that you can be aware of and help reinforce positive behavior expectations for the classroom.
Behavior is tracked daily in the classroom by the use of colorful behavior faces. These faces come with rewards and consequences based on students' daily behavioral decisions. (see photo below)
Each day, students start with a clothespin, with his or her name on it, clipped to a green happy face sign because I believe, all students can make positive behavior choices that promote a positive learning environment. However, if a student forgets and does not show the positive behavior characteristics mentioned above, he or she is verbally reminded and will discuss with the teacher how to make a better choice going forward. If the student continues to make behavior choices that are not positive, he or she will move his or her clip down to a yellow, unsmiling face card. The consequence of this is that he or she will miss 5 minutes of recess or activity time. If poor choices continue to be made, the student will move his or her face down to a sad, red face sign. The consequence for this is that he or she will miss half of recess or activity time for a total of 10 minutes. If a student has continuing trouble making positive behavior choices, he or she may earn a behavior incident report (BIR), which will be filled out and sent home to be signed by the parents. The BIRs are tracked and, after a student earns three of these, they are attached to an official report and submitted to the office, and then they will be entered into our behavior tracking software. For very serious offenses, an office discipline referral (ODR) will be filled out and turned into the office for review. The student will be counseled by an administrator and the form will be sent home to be signed by the parent and then the form will be returned to school. 
At any time throughout the day, if a student has moved his or her clip down, but shows that he or she can make positive behavior choices, the clip may be moved up again. 
Additionally, if a student is on the green behavior face and shows exemplary behavior choices that reflect R.E.A.L. Roadrunner behavior choices, he or she can move his or her clip up to a smiling orange face or, even better, to a very happy purple star card. These cards come with a reward for making positive behavior choices. The rewards range from earning R.E.A.L. Roadrunner tickets which can be used to purchase items in the Pleasant View student store to getting to reach into my classroom Treasure Tub for a small reward. Again, clips can be moved up and down the behavior chart throughout the day depending on the student's behavior choices. 
Friendship Friday: Once or twice a month, students may use three of their R.E.A.L. Roadrunner tickets to participate in Friendship Friday. On these days, students may invite a classmate or a friend from another class to eat lunch with him or her in our classroom where it is a special treat to listen to music and have a pleasant, quiet time together.
Pleasant View R.E.A.L. Store: Once a month students may use the R.E.A.L. tickets that they have earned to visit the student store and "buy" items which start at 5 tickets. The more R.E.A.L. tickets students have, the better the items there are to get.
As you can see, communication of positive behavior expectations, constant practice of these expectations, counseling on how to make better choices, enforcing consequences, and rewarding positive behaviors are a part of life in room K2!
Monthly Assemblies: On the first Wednesday after a given month, students will participate in a school-wide assembly (either virtually or in-person) where students who have exhibited remarkable behavior in the areas of Respect, Etiquette, Accountability, and Leadership will be acknowledged. You will be notified in advance if your student has been selected to be acknowledged. If you get a notification, you may attend the assembly in whichever form it is held. If the assembly is virtual, you will be provided a link to the Webex room used to conduct the assembly.
Raising a Reader
Kindergarteners at Pleasant View are fortunate enough to participate in the Raising a Reader program. Raising a Reader is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make sure young children have high-quality books in their homes for parents to read aloud to them. This organization believes that success in school begins from the time children are very small as parents read to and with their children.
Each week students will bring home a red bag that contains high-quality books. Please take the time to read and enjoy these books with your children (including your children who do not attend Pleasant View yet. Everyone benefits from hearing books read aloud!). As you read, talk about the books. Ask questions. Look up new words. Make it a special time each day where you enjoy spending time with each other! 
At the end of the allotted time (usually about a week), send these books back to school in the red bag. I will check the bags in and will give your child another bag to take home to share with you. 
This is also a good way to help teach your child responsibility as they take care of the books and return them promptly, in good condition.
Participation in the program is totally up to you. This is not homework. It is merely a way to enjoy spending time together and for your child to see that you value reading.
Kindergarten Standards
Standards are the skills that scholars are working to learn during the year. 
In the link below, Kindergarten language arts and math standards are written in "kid-friendly" statements. Students will be expected to master these standards as the year progresses.
Kindergarten High-Frequency Words
High-frequency words (also known as sight words) are words that students will see often in books. Additionally, students will use these words in their writing. Students should be able to read these words fluently by the end of the year. Students should spend no more than 3 seconds reading each of these words. These words should not be "sounded out" but recognized immediately on sight. Please work with your child, nightly, to memorize these words.
Welcome to
I am excited to share information about our classroom with you!
Please feel free to contact me at or by calling 626-962-8512 x 6942
When necessary, I will be happy to meet with you virtually in my Webex room. The link to join scheduled meetings is: Please note, I will not be monitoring this room unless an appointment has been scheduled. To schedule an appointment, please contact me using the methods above.
Important Weekly Reminders:
Library days will be the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Please have your student return library books on those days.